The Eternal Purpose Track

The Overcomers

Class Overview

In Revelation 2-3, we see Jesus, as the judge of His church, confronting compromise, selfishness, apathy, indifference, false teaching, false prophecy, and self-satisfaction. His aim is to raise up overcomers—those who love Jesus more than they love themselves; those who are faithful to the Lamb and are willing to die for their faith; those who love the truth with all of their heart and live free from compromise; those who don’t tolerate the ways and works of Jezebel in their sphere of authority; those with a deep and driving hunger for God that overpowers apathy, complacency, indifference, and carelessness; those who live a disciplined lifestyle that helps them maintain their victory until the end; those with a fiery passion for Jesus that consumes self-satisfaction; and those who embrace a crucified self-life and are fully possessed by the Spirit of God. This class, The Overcomers, explores in detail what we must overcome and what Jesus promised to us if we overcome.

Bryan Kessler